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Local Outreach Witnessing – Challenge, Inspire & Equip!

Local Outreach Witnessing – Challenge, Inspire & Equip!


This year has been full of Sovereign, Supernatural events for local outreach and witnessing. We are blessed to see God move on lives with the power of the revelation of the Word. As Brother Byskal has said,

“Leaders must rise from the local church with a true God-given burden for witnessing and reaching out. The Pastors must support it, and then many will follow.”

That is exactly what has been happening in many places around the world now. What God has led the local outreach team in Cloverdale to do has influenced many other churches to do the same. Each one playing their part to bring that last soul into the Kingdom of God.

Believers praying for Ty at the Lynden Fair Witness Booth
Believers praying for Ty at the Lynden Fair Witness Booth

One outstanding testimony is a young man named Ty, who was also a vendor at the Lynden Fair where Cloverdale Bibleway had a booth set up for a week. We recently found out that he had sought God earnestly on his knees praying, “God where are you?” Within one week God led him to the Truth.

One day he came by the booth and started asking many questions. Before returning to his booth he asked for prayer, and together with Believers unashamedly asked God to help and lead him. Over the course of the week he went back to the Believers booth several times, each time staying for long periods of time. He met many young people his own age and listened to their powerful testimonies. He took it all in with such joy and was so impacted by what he was seeing and hearing.

The Believers followed up with Ty several times after the Fair, answering his many questions and equipping him with much Message material. His own words were, “The more I listen to Brother Branham, it becomes addictive!” He now regularly attends services with Believers.

One day at another outreach, the group held a large sign that stated, “What really happened in the garden?”

They had one older man come up and ask, “I have been wondering for many years, what really did take place in the garden. Can you help me?” He left equipped and very grateful.

Two other men came up to us and asked us if the group really knew what happened in the garden. When they were answered by the Word of God that it was a sexual act, they were stunned, saying they thought they were the only ones in the world that believed that. They have since attended some of the services.

localwitness04One key aspect of reaching out to souls is having the correct spiritual tools. We believe God and the Message deserve our very best efforts, time and quality materials to present them to a lost and dying world. God has provided the equipment, supplies, signage and many various tracts to do just that. The outreach team at Bibleway was able to help Brother Tim Pruitt complete three wonderful Holy Ghost-inspired books. With Brother Pruitt’s lifetime of ministry and experience he has written; The Five Comings of Elijah, The Original Sin, and Jesus The Name Above All Names. Many Pastors have ordered these for their congregations and the books are great witness tools, blessing so many within the Message, and answering many questions on the hearts of those they are given too.

localwitness03While the purpose of outreach is to win souls, it is not the only benefit. A joyful unity is develops within the Church, not just in witnessing, but in planning and preparing for the next area God leads. The impact of reaching out to souls locally has such an impact and blessing to the local congregation. It renews their first love, reminding them when God came by their way. When you begin to share to someone lost, deceived, and searching, there is no greater joy to be used of God to bring the only 100% vindicated Truth to them.

localwitness02The funds provided by concerned Believers have been well used in this area. We are thankful that the Lord has placed the burden of reaching the lost on Believers to reach out all around the world, even locally.

To request copies of Brother Tim Pruitt’s books:

The Five Comings of Elijah
The Original Sin
Jesus The Name Above All Names


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