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Podcast: Sovereign Grace Abounds in Ethiopia

In this episode Brother Tim Dodd reports again from Ethiopia, where campaigns in the very religious city of Hawassa have now concluded. In a conversation that took place in the car just after the meetings, Brother Tim and Pastor Moges Engida testify how more baptisms are still arising out of the convention in Addis Ababa, even as the campaign [...]

Missions Podcast: China: Brothers Released from Prison

In this episode, Brother Tim Dodd talks to Brother Murphy Wong about the situation in China, and the blessed announcement that all four Brothers have been released from prison after serving their terms. Though they are out, they left a testimony behind them of God’s miraculous care, and the fruit of their witnessing to other [...]

Breaking New Ground in Cambodia

Believers in Cambodia now have their first Print Station, allowing them to print on demand any Message that has been translated.  Nearly 90% of Cambodia’s roughly 16 million people speak the ancient language of Khmer.  At this time, the Messagehub hosts 126 Messages in this language, and counting, as translation works continue. Watch as Brother […]

Podcast: Brother Andrew Schuler: The impact of the Open Message View software

Brother Andrew Schuler has been the lead developer for the Open Message View software for Windows. But it is more than just software, it is yet another way to equip the end-time Bride with the end-time Word, making powerful Message search tools available to Believers in any translated language. In this interview, Brother Andrew shares [...]