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Welcome Back to Church!

The following will be the service schedule as we move forward to getting back to “normal”:

  • Sunday Morning services will return to their normal time, and begin at 10:30am
  • Sunday Evening services, when held, will continue to be @ 4:00pm.
  • Wednesday services @ 7:30pm

We are no longer in need of the booking system. It filled a niche, but I am sure we are are ecstatic to see it disappear! Church is wide open. No capacity limits, no restrictions. Period.

We also will no longer be offering zoom for services. Services at the camp will be streamed to the church where we can gather together and stream in the sanctuary or you can stream through the website.

Sunday Morning Zoom

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Any changes will be updated on this webpage.

Last updated: July 2, 2021

Camp Registration:

As we are preparing for our upcoming camp, the link below is the registration link. We need everyone who is planning to come to register, no matter which side of the border, so we can prepare accommodations.

Camp Registration Link

Camp dates will be from Aug 11 – 15. Any one is welcome to stay on grounds from on Aug 9 and 10, however, we will not be providing food until Wednesday evening.