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Episode #1 - Introduction

From an early age, Brother Ed Byskal was a witness to many miraculous works of the Lord. Watch and listen as Brother Byskal recounts those events in A True Witness, a series of episodes about his experiences with the Lord and his encounters with Brother Branham, the minister who was at the center of these supernatural events.

Brother Branham was one of the most influential Bible ministers of our time. He was considered by many to be the initiator of the healing and charismatic revival that began in 1947, and from his ministry, there sprang a myriad of other ministers who became internationally known.

From 1947 until the time of his passing in 1965, the powerful ministry of Brother Branham was well known and considered unparalleled in the history of gospel meetings. The impact of the supernatural ministry of this one man was felt not only in North America, but also around the world.

Brother Byskal had the privilege of attending a number of Brother Branham’s services and accompanied him on several hunting trips. A True Witness shares many of the incredible testimonies of a witness who was with Brother Branham and saw firsthand the mighty way in which God used him.

Episode #2 - Crossing Paths With A Prophet

In this episode, Brother Byskal speaks of his childhood and relates several stories of his upbringing that shaped his path. Listen as he speaks of his father meeting the Lord, his experiences moving as the Alaskan Highway is built, and the first time he attended services spoken by Brother Branham. We trust this will bless you!

Episode #3 - A Call To The Ministry

In Episode 3, Brother Byskal speaks of how the Lord moved upon him at an early age to give of his time and have a closer walk with the Lord. During this episode, he tells of traveling far through very rough weather to be in special meetings and of heeding the call to preach the Gospel.

Episode #4 - Questions Of The Heart

Episode 4, Brother Byskal begins to tell of his personal experiences with Brother Branham and how he first invited him to come preach. There was a miraculous move of the Lord going on at that time with revival meetings happening all over the world. Yet Brother Byskal had questions in his heart that he needed answers for and, little did he know, those answers were on the way!

Episode #5 - Soldier Boy

During this episode, Brother Byskal tells of attending the meetings of Brother Branham and how that, during one of those meetings, Brother Branham spoke out under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to a soldier in the audience. Not only is that account explained, but the story continues as Brother Byskal speaks of miraculous events that followed. May God bless you as you watch!

Episode #6 - Connected With Another Realm

In this episode, Brother Byskal relates several supernatural events that occurred during his time with Brother William Branham. Byskal realized that what was happening was all too incredible to be happenstance! There was another realm that Brother Branham was connected with — a realm where the thoughts and intents of the heart are known. Through these next eyewitness accounts, Brother Byskal describes a ministry that he was beginning to see had more of a supernatural significance than he had ever imagined.

Episode #7 - The Green Checkered Shirt

Brother Byskal had an integral part to play in a vision Brother Branham was given involving a green checkered shirt and a caribou hunt. This episode features interview footage from three different individuals that were all part of the unfolding of that vision. We trust this will bless you!

Episode #8 - Ministering To The Native Indians

Brother Byskal had close ties to the native Indians of western Canada and often ministered to them. In this episode, Brother Byskal tells how God moved in services there and lives were impacted for many years. We trust this will be a blessing to you! Please continue to share these episodes.

Episode #9 - Another Witness Of The Miraculous

In this episode, Sister Ruth Byskal shares a few of her experiences of supernatural events related to the ministry of Brother Branham. We trust this episode will bless you as you hear from another witness of the miraculous!

Episode #10 - The Brown Bear Vision

Brother Branham had a vision of a brown bear while hunting in the northern territory. In this episode, Brother Byskal shares details of that hunting expedition and the events that transpired during that vision. We trust this will be a blessing to you!

Episode #11 - Every Time He Comes

On what was seeming like a regular hunting trip, Brother Byskal and Brother Branham are in their car traveling though the north country. It is in these every-day moments that the super-natural takes place. Brother Byskal shares his experience when the Angel of the Lord comes right in the car when he is travelling with Brother Branham.

Episode #12 - The Message Spreads

William Branham was unexpectedly taken from this life due to a tragic car accident. Shocking many around the world, the news of the accident spread quickly during the normally joyful Christmas season. Feeling an urge to make sure that the world new of this ministry that had so impacted Ed Byskal, he began working to duplicate tapes and find ways to print the transcripts of the sermons. We trust you will enjoy this episode about how the gospel has spread!

Episode #13 - What They Said

During the mid 1900s, a supernatural revival swept across the globe. Miraculous healings took place and thousands of people gave their hearts to the Lord. Yet with all of this happening, Ed Byskal began to see the zeal for Christ subsiding with many, leading to a feeling of disillusionment. In this episode, Byskal talks about these meetings and what the preachers of that time said about the ministry of William Branham.

Episode #14 - Driven Forward With Christ

In the last episode of the series, Ed Byskal speaks of the relationship that each Christian must have with Christ and how the supernatural impacts our daily lives. Sharing personal experiences, this episode caps the impact of Christ through his life by the experiences shared with William Branham.