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Uganda Awakening: The Documentary (Part 1)

The revival that broke out in Uganda in late 2017 has become one of the most amazing spiritual outpourings in the history of the End Time Message. To date, it is known that at least 20,000 souls have been baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is believed that the actual […]

Rose Blossoms After 10 Years

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I have an amazing testimony I would like to share with you. We had a fellowship with the Chinese saints in Bro James and Sis Shirley’s house last Friday. We start at 10:30 in the morning and finished at 2:30 the afternoon. The Lord once again gave us wonderful time in […]

The Message Hub now serves Ghana and Fiji

We are pleased to announce that two new languages have launched on the Message Hub.  Twi is a language spoken by up to 9 million people in Central and Southern Ghana.  Fijian is spoken by up to 450,000 natives on the Islands of Fiji, and individuals around the world.  We pray that God’s precious elect […]

Complete! New Church Building in Kimaga, Uganda

On October 27th of 2017 we reported of a mighty stir in Uganda, in which 60 people were baptized in one weekend. (See Post) From this initial sowing, a crop of saints has continued to grow.  Removed from their previous churches, the new Believers desperately needed a place to meet.  With our help, land was […]

Good Soil Producing a Harvest in Hawassa, Ethiopia

As workers on the Lord’s great field, we labor as He instructs us, leaving the increase to Him. He knows the land and all of its potential, He shows us where to sow and reap. On a visit to Ethiopia in January Brother Busobozi traveled through Hawassa in January, sowing precious seeds of God’s anointed […]