SUMMER CAMP 2023 (July 31 - Aug 6)


NOTE ON FEES: All prices are posted in Canadian dollars, and reflect food costs only.

If for any reason you are unable to attend camp, your fees can be refunded up to and including July 7th. After that date we are unable to refund your fees, as the food has already been purchased.



Junior Camp:
Arrival: Monday, Jul 31st – 10:00AM
Departure: Thursday, Aug 3rd – 9:30AM

Senior Camp:
Arrival: Thursday, Aug 3rd– 10:00AM
Departure: Sunday, Aug 6th – 5:00PM


Monday, July 31 – 8:00PM (Junior)
Tuesday, Aug 1 – 8:00PM (Junior)
Wednesday, Aug 2 – 6:30PM (Junior)

Friday, Aug 4 – 10:00AM (Senior)
Saturday, Aug 5 – 10:00AM (Senior)


Thursday, Aug 3 – 7:00PM
Friday, Aug 4 – 7:00PM
Saturday, Aug 5 – 7:00PM
Sunday, Aug 6 – 10:00AM



  • Campers arrive 10:00AM
  • Opening Comments @ 11:00AM
  • Afternoon Activities
  • Evening Service @ 8:00PM


  • Morning Devotion @ 10:00AM
  • Afternoon activities
  • Evening service @ 8:00PM (campers only)


  • Morning Devotion @ 10:00AM
  • Afternoon activities
  • Evening service at 8:00PM (campers only)


  • Breakfast @ 8:00AM
  • All junior campers to be off grounds by 10:00AM



  • Campers arrive 10:00AM
  • Opening Comments @ 11:00AM
  • Afternoon Activities
  • Evening Service @ 7:00PM


  • Morning Devotion @ 10:00AM (Campers only)
  • Afternoon Activities
  • Evening Service @ 7:00PM


  • Morning Devotion @ 10:00AM (Campers only)
  • Afternoon Activities
  • Evening Service @ 7:00PM


  • Morning Service @ 10:00AM
  • Non-campers are welcome to bring their own lunch and have a picnic on grounds.
  • Everyone to be off grounds by 5:00PM


All campers must read the Camper Rules Agreement

The “CBW Rules Agreement” form MUST be read prior to coming to camp. This is required for every senior camper. If you are a parent filling the following form out for your family, please print a copy for your senior camper to read. Click here  to view/print the CBW Rules Agreement form.


Personal Items

Pillow, personal bedding or sleeping bag. Personal towels and toiletries. NO electronics are welcome at camp. If you have your phone, iPod, etc., you will be required to hand it to the camp directors and it will be returned to you after camp.

Bible & Notepad

This is a Bible Camp. You can forget socks or boots, but not your Bible and a notepad.

Summer Clothes

Clothing suitable for sport activities. There is zero tolerance for short skirts (with or without leggings), low cut t-shirts, tight shirts, skinny pants etc. You will be asked to change and if you have no other suitable clothing, you will be provided with alternatives.
Sunscreen and bug spray are highly recommended.


Its always handy to have a flashlight available. The grounds are dark after the evening services.

Evening Attire

After the daily activities, it is best to have a change of clothes for the evening services. The evenings tend to be cool, so a light jacket or sweater is also recommended.

Snack Shack

If you wish to purchase snacks, ensure to bring some cash or a credit card.


Please read the following agreement carefully. You will be required to accept that you have read the terms below in your registraiton form. Although camp participation is encouraged, it is encouraged only if health and safety are considered.


  1. I understand that a risk of participating in any sport is the risk of injury, including but not limited to serious permanent injury, paralysis, and death. To minimize the risk of injury, I agree (or agree to tell my child(ren)) to obey all safety rules and to report fully any problems related to my/his/her/their physical condition to the camp managers, directors or assistants as soon as the problem begins.
  2. By agreeing to the statements below, I certify the following:
    •  That I/my child(ren) am/are not currently under the care of a physician for an injury or illness that would prevent my/ his/her safe participation in the camp;
    • That I/my child(ren) am/are not currently being treated for or recovering from an orthopedic injury that would prevent my/his/her safe participation in the camp;
    • That I/my child(ren) have no history of fainting or other problems related to strenuous exercise; and
    • That I/my child(ren) am/are in good health and there is no reason I/he/she cannot safely participate in strenuous physical activity.


  1. By my acceptance of this waiver, I hereby give permission for Mt. Baker Bibleway Camp and/or Cloverdale Bibleway its employees, agents, or camp directors to obtain medical treatment for myself or my child(ren), in the event of an accident or illness during my/his/her participation in on/off grounds activities.


  1. In consideration for accepting me/my child(re) into Mt. Baker Bibleway Camp, I do hereby agree that I am and shall be responsible for all costs associated with any injury or loss that may be sustained by my child as a result of my/his/her participation at the camp.
  2. By my acceptance of this waiver on the registration form, I also agree to release and promise not to sue Mt. Baker Bibleway Camp, Bible Believers of Washington, Cloverdale Bibleway or their employees, agents, volunteers or directors for any damages, loss, injury, or death arising from my/my child(ren)’s participation in CBW Summer Camp 2023, unless such damages, loss, injury, or death are caused by willful and wanton conduct of such employees or agents.

Please understand that priority is given to families who attend Bibleway, and all reservations are completely dependent on the amount of space available.