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In 1973 Bibleway began to spread the Gospel by means of radio under the name Bibleway Broadcast (later changing to “Bible Believers Broadcast”). This endeavour continued for 9 years reaching over 27 stations through KARI Radio. In time the efforts on radio shifted and Bible Believers moved into the tape cleaning and then translation work of the Message, which continues to this day. Cloverdale Bibleway has continued for 50 years to get this Message to the people of the world through whichever means possible.

With the ever increasing popularity of internet radio and podcasts, Bibleway once again is taking to the virtual “airwaves” with the continuation of the burden to get this Message to every kindred, tongue, and nation.¬†Bibleway Broadcast is here to publish the wondrous works the Lord is doing amongst His people, and proclaim to the world a Message has been sent in this day to prepare a Bride for Rapture.

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