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Before The Throne


Language: English

Runtime: 45 minutes

Year Produced: 2019


This presentation dramatizes a story told by Brother Branham about a man named Daniel Curry that has a dream of going to heaven. In this dream he is brought before the White Throne Judgement and all his life is laid before him. Taking some inspiration from Peter Cartwright’s life story and Daniel Curry’s dream, this presentation tries to bring a little reality of what it would be like to have your life brought before THE Judge and how vital it is to have Jesus Christ, the Great Attorney on your defence.


Daniel Carter

Matt Ardiel


Ryan Hayes


Jonas Schumacher

Bar Keeper

Ken Ardiel


Ava Briner

Mr. & Mrs. Winston

Abraham & Charity Wong

The Accuser

Marco Van Enter

THE Judge

Philip Ashdown

John O'Hieghty

Nathan Heyns

Angel at the Gate

Rieghardt Van Enter

Pub Friends

Caleb Frey
Oren Hildebrandt


Philip Ashdown