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Rejoicing in Uganda: 6 New Buildings Dedicated

Rejoicing in Uganda: 6 New Buildings Dedicated


In Uganda today, there is reason for rejoicing, as six congregations who were without buildings are now worshipping in structures made possible by the donations of Believers around the world.

These simple buildings of tin siding and dirt floors may be primitive by Western standards, but to the Believers there, they represent an immense improvement. Finally, they no longer have to wonder where they can meet next, or have services interrupted by storms and rains if their only option is to gather outdoors.

Idudi Church
Buchera Church

New Believers in Uganda, emboldened by their fresh revelations in the Message of the hour, have faced many sacrifices and hardships courageously. Denominations have confiscated their buildings, cancelled their ordainment licenses, and in some cases have left pastors homeless. The six new buildings recently dedicated to the service of the Lord in the Jinja area average 40ft by 25 ft in size, and can support 50-100 people. This means up to 600 new Believers are now out of the rain and shaded from the scorching sun! These buildings are made of tin and wood, and are a more permanent solution to the temporary structures of tarpaulins which may only last 6 months.

Nawanzu Church
Kabelai Church

In some cases, the property which was acquired is some distance from the residence of the Pastor and other congregants, making transportation difficult. One pastor is known to travel up to 14 kilometers by bicycle to preach the Word to his sheep, another must travel 20 km.

There is no plumbing, the buildings are not wired for electricity, and there are no bathroom facilities, which remains an ongoing challenge. A temporary pit latrine outside the building can suffice for a while, but a more permanent solution is needed for each of the new facilities.

Yet, the Believers are extremely grateful for what they have received, and are confident that if God has blessed them thus far, through the kindness of far away Believers whom they will likely never meet, He will surely provide for the rest of their needs.

The buildings are cheap by global standards. Each was built for less than $4000 US, including land, using locally acquired materials and labor. But the need remains great. At this time, there are as many as 200 congregations still needing a more permanent place to meet and worship.

Nabitama Church
Balima Church

While Bible Believers has shipped ten thousand Bibles, more Church Age Books, and is printing other Messages, many of these congregations are also still in need of these and other essentials for Believers of the End Time Message. With your generous support, Bible Believers is working to bring assistance on all of these fronts. Even now ten thousand Revelation of the Seven Seals books are on their way to Uganda. 

The Believers in Uganda would like to send you their sincere thanks for all that has been done for them.

Bulima Church and Congregation


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