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Six More Churches for New Ugandan Believers

Six More Churches for New Ugandan Believers


We are happy to report that the construction of six new church structures in Uganda has been completed in the months of April and May.

New Believers in the villages of Ndolwa, Busango, Kasozi, Kanginima, Busei B, and Buwumbwe now have a shelter from the elements to gather for worship, and to be strengthened in the Truths of this Message.

No churches were built in 2023, and when Brother Tim Dodd visited Uganda and had meetings with the hundreds of new ministers, he spoke directly to those needing churches, having left their former denominational masters. He told them not to look to Bible Believers, nor Tim Dodd as their answer, but to look to their heavenly Father. Further he told them that economic times are hard in North America with inflation and increased interest rates. If they wanted churches, they needed to pray for the financial blessing of those that give to the Mission field.

The Lord answered their prayers. In 2024, funds began to come in specifically for the building of churches. We are happy that we can continue to help these congregations who lost their buildings as the result of receiving the truth. We rejoice with our fellow Believers and thank God for those on whom He has placed the burden to support the funding and construction of these churches. The photo slideshows below show the latest six buildings in the various stages of construction. These have now been completed, and more are in progress. Our goal is to build six churches every two months.