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Swept Away


Language: English

Runtime: 82 minutes

Year Produced: 2015


Somewhere on a ranch out west, there is an orphan girl whose character, forged by trial, is a stark contrast to her fancy cousins. The ranch owner’s son, a wealthy heir of Armour & Swift, is coming to town to find himself a bride; and everyone except the orphan has set her cap for him. With so many choices, who will he choose to be his wife?


The original text of this story of Christ and his Bride, and her departure in the Rapture can be found in God’s Provided Way, preached by Bro. Branham April 15, 1959



Shanna Van Lare

James Armour

Ben Van Lare

Uncle Ned

Marco Van Enter

Shep Harvey

Michael Rae


Grace Wong


Rachel Waldner


Victoria Andes

Howard Maxwell

Nathan Heyns

Dwight Smith

Ken Ardiel

Pauline Smith

Marilyn Cheberinoff