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A Print Station for Luanda, Angola

A Print Station for Luanda, Angola
L-R: Bro. Tekadiomona, Bro. John Armstrong, Bro. Kioni, Bro. Didier

Brother Richard Sieunath of Trinidad has planted many print stations throughout South America. Many other names could be mentioned from other parts of the world; just like Brother John Armstrong from Arkansas. Brother John attends the same church as Brother Frank McComas where Brother Jason Jackson is the pastor. He works at an oil rig. He has always worked in the Gulf of Mexico, but he had to move to Angola because of his job. Though initially he didn’t want to do it, he relented and went. After meeting believers in the country, Brother Armstrong became burdened with the great need for message books amongst the Believers.

Luanda-hub-printed-booksBeing familiar with the Message Hub, Brother Armstrong contacted Bible Believers and arranged to establish a Print Station in the City of Luanda. Soon hundreds of books were being printed and pastors from around the country were lining up to have the opportunity to receive books from this newly commissioned work. There are over 200 Portuguese translations on the Message Hub in the Brazilian dialect.

While it appears that one Print Station will not be enough, as the Believers in China found out, with just a couple of printers, tens of thousands of books can be distributed. Please remember the Saints in these countries in your prayerful support as they sometimes have difficulty in keeping the Print Stations running due to the difficulty of obtaining supplies.