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Mawogola Report

Mawogola Report


The month of April has been a very busy month for Brother Fred Kiyingi and the brothers labouring in Uganda. From visiting churches, conducting bible studies with local pastors and of course, baptizing more souls into the Kingdom.

We are glad to share the report we have received from the district of Mawogola, in Southern Uganda.

Pastor Fred Kiyingi

One of the pastors who regularly attends the pastor’s meetings held at Seeta Eagles church, had invited two other pastors to attend the March 9th meeting. These pastors where so much amazed by how the Holy spirit was bringing out the truth of the Gospel, they requested to meet Bro. Fred privately without him knowing they were wanting to find out whether he would accept an invitation to their home district of Mawogola, in the great Masaka, in Southern Uganda, about 240km from Kampala.

Through the discussions they had in that private meeting they accepted to be re-baptized, and were requested to organize a small meeting in their area so that the brethren could come meet and speak to a few first, and afterwards plan a larger gathering. God was gracious as he enabled the brothers to travel to Mawogola where they met joyous people ready to receive the word. Seven pastors were baptized  as well as members of Pastor Matovu’s church, who had been the one to organize the meeting.  

A total of 187 people were baptized.

However as always, when a child is born, Herod looks for ways to kill the child. After these pastors accepted the Message of the Hour, the denominations to which they were attached have come out to fight them, threatening to kick them out of their church buildings. As of the date of this report, three of these pastors with their congregation, have nowhere to fellowship.

Let’s remember these brothers in our prayers for God to open doors for them to at least get some tarpaulins, which they can use to create a shade under which they can fellowship as we wait for the Lord to open doors for the construction of temporary structures for the church.