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3000 Kinyarwanda Church Age Books Landed in Rwanda: Elie Kwizera Reports

3000 Kinyarwanda Church Age Books Landed in Rwanda: Elie Kwizera Reports


The translation team in Rwanda has been making steady progress since an effort was launched several years ago to translate the Message of the Hour into Kinyarwanda. In this podcast, Brother Elie Kwizera reports a milestone reached, as 3000 Church Ages Books, printed in China, with 500 MP3 players donated by the Chinese Believers, have landed in the country.

Why this Podcast?

So much is happening in the Kingdom of God that it is difficult to tell it all. At Bible Believers we receive reports from all over the world about the great things God is doing, and we want you to know about it.

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Many Believers are hungry for stories about how God is moving around the world. The Believers Faith Challenge Report Podcast has been launched to tell those stories.

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All of this helps concerned Believers around the world needs that are on the Missions field, so that we can prayerfully support as the Lord would lead each one of us.  

We believe that hearing these inspiring stories will be a blessing to you as you hear them on this new medium.