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Uganda Missions Trip Report: Fall 2021

Brothers Tim Dodd and Michael Rae share their experience in Uganda, having returned from their first major missions trip since the Covid 19 shutdown. The Awakening is alive and well in Uganda!

Missions Podcast: Translation Into Spanish Complete!

Laboring for 6 years, the Spanish Translation team from many countries has completed the entire Message...

Rejoicing in Malawi: “The drought is over!”

In Malawi, Brothers Wesley Msamange and Aaron Ngoma have been pastoring large Message churches for decades--with scarcely any Message Books! That all changed this week...

Four New Languages now available on the Message Hub web site

We are happy to announce that four new languages have been added to the Message Hub web site, Nepali, Ateso, Yoruba and Chichewa. This brings the number of languages present on the Message Hub web site to 83.  The Nepali language will serve populations of Believers in Nepal. Ateso is a tribal language spoken throughout central […]

Missions Podcast: Around the World in 45 Minutes

Brothers Tim Dodd and Mark Aho sit down for a wide-ranging conversation about current Missions efforts in many parts of the world.