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Peru and Spain: From Disappointment to Triumph

Brother Javier’s dreams of immigrating to Canada came to an end, when his application was denied.  But on the return trip, going from Canada, through Peru, and then on to Spain, this one Brother’s travels resulted in the establishment of Print Stations in both countries, serving churches that had limited access to printed Messages before. […]

Uganda Awakening! Download the Documentaries Here

Uganda Awakening 2018 – 2019 Use the links below to download the same stunning documentaries about the revival that are posted on this web site.  Free to view in your home or church–and share! Part 1: https://vimeo.com/user26152755/download/332996925/7ed6452240 Part 2: https://vimeo.com/user26152755/download/360129090/ea9694f8b6

Ethiopia: God Leads His Dear Children Along

Ethiopia remains a pioneering work, where the End Time Word is still very new.  It is fascinating to observe how God seems to hand pick certain individuals, bringing them into the newly forming church in Addis Ababa, as a coach might select players for a team.  In this video Brother Tim Dodd tells of three […]

Breaking New Ground in Cambodia

Believers in Cambodia now have their first Print Station, allowing them to print on demand any Message that has been translated.  Nearly 90% of Cambodia’s roughly 16 million people speak the ancient language of Khmer.  At this time, the Messagehub hosts 126 Messages in this language, and counting, as translation works continue. Watch as Brother […]

Uganda Awakening: The Documentary: Part 2: The Revival Begins!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on the scene in Uganda as the revival is breaking forth? To travel with the evangelists, and those who are boldly going into remote areas with Words of Life? To stand ankle deep in African waters as hundreds of rejoicing souls are being baptized […]

Emergency Church Shelters Springing up in Uganda

The Awakening in Uganda has displaced thousands of people from their denominational churches, creating an urgent need for temporary buildings everywhere. At this time, we know of at least 70 locations in need of assistance, and there may be more in remote areas. When a pastor and congregation embrace the Message, his former denomination usually […]

RESTORED! : Key Facility Is Back in Service

The awakening in Uganda is recruiting long standing Message pastors into the service of training both new believers, and former denominational pastors. Such is the burden that has fallen upon Pastor Hanington Balita, a long time Message pastor ministering in an area hot with revival.

New Light in an Old Land

Ethiopia is one of the oldest continuously existing countries in the world. But ironically, it also is home to one of the youngest populations, with 18 being the average age. The total population is growing fast and prospering under relative political stability. But is their faith growing also? Though Ethiopia has historically been named as […]

Uganda Awakening: The Documentary (Part 1)

The revival that broke out in Uganda in late 2017 has become one of the most amazing spiritual outpourings in the history of the End Time Message. To date, it is known that at least 20,000 souls have been baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is believed that the actual […]