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Uganda Awakening: The Documentary: Part 2: The Revival Begins!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on the scene in Uganda as the revival is breaking forth? To travel with the evangelists, and those who are boldly going into remote areas with Words of Life? To stand ankle deep in African waters as hundreds of rejoicing souls are being baptized […]

Emergency Church Shelters Springing up in Uganda

The Awakening in Uganda has displaced thousands of people from their denominational churches, creating an urgent need for temporary buildings everywhere. At this time, we know of at least 70 locations in need of assistance, and there may be more in remote areas. When a pastor and congregation embrace the Message, his former denomination usually […]

RESTORED! : Key Facility Is Back in Service

The awakening in Uganda is recruiting long standing Message pastors into the service of training both new believers, and former denominational pastors. Such is the burden that has fallen upon Pastor Hanington Balita, a long time Message pastor ministering in an area hot with revival.

New Light in an Old Land

Ethiopia is one of the oldest continuously existing countries in the world. But ironically, it also is home to one of the youngest populations, with 18 being the average age. The total population is growing fast and prospering under relative political stability. But is their faith growing also? Though Ethiopia has historically been named as […]

Uganda Awakening: The Documentary (Part 1)

The revival that broke out in Uganda in late 2017 has become one of the most amazing spiritual outpourings in the history of the End Time Message. To date, it is known that at least 20,000 souls have been baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is believed that the actual […]

Good Soil Producing a Harvest in Hawassa, Ethiopia

As workers on the Lord’s great field, we labor as He instructs us, leaving the increase to Him. He knows the land and all of its potential, He shows us where to sow and reap. On a visit to Ethiopia in January Brother Busobozi traveled through Hawassa in January, sowing precious seeds of God’s anointed […]

Arabic Translation: When Need Meets Supply

For many years Arabic has had no witness in the Message, though it is spoken by 422 million people.  In this video, Brother Tim Dodd explains how a translator was found, and finished translating the Church Ages Book, just as new Arabic speaking Believers were in need of it!  Up to 60 souls have recently […]

Uganda Awakening 2018: Documentary Preview

2018 was an amazing year in Uganda.  Over the course of the year we followed every aspect, traveling to remote places and documenting the things that were unfolding. This trailer reveals some of the never before seen footage that will be featured in a soon to be released documentary.

Uganda Outpouring Breaking into Baptist Ranks

It took 50 rented buses to transport them all to the meeting.  But the flood of new Believers that descended upon Stephen Ibale’s church in Jinja is not directly connected to the revival that swept through Pentecostal ranks in 2018.  For these new Believers are coming out of Baptist churches. In our Sept. 13, 2018 […]