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Translation: Believers in Botswana receive Message books in local language!

Translation: Believers in Botswana receive Message books in local language!


Nothing beats receiving the Message of this Hour in one’s language. For Believers in Botswana, that’s worth more than gold!

500 Message books each of  Satan’s Eden and Events Made Clear By Prophecy, were recently printed in Setswana, the national language of Botswana – a country with nearly 2.5 million people.  

These books were translated in Canada, printed in Angola, and delivered to Botswana. We appreciate the Believers who have been involved in the project. It truly takes a Body of Believers to spread the Word – from Sister Nthusi Kaisara, a native of Botswana who helped with the translation efforts at Cloverdale Bibleway, Believers based in Botswana who did the proofreading, to the Brothers from Angola who printed and delivered the books by bus to Botswana.  

Sister Nthusi has been a driving force behind various aspects of the project. When asked what it felt like when Believers received the books in person, she said:

“People were so happy. It’s not that people don’t know English, but they prefer their language. It hits home when the Believers speak or read the Message in their language.”

I Peter 2:2

They said, “Oh, this is so good!”  

Coming full circle, the books arrived in Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana where the Message was first preached by Brother Joe Daniels from South Africa in 1975. Six years later, Brother Godwin Chitsinde from Zimbabwe preached in Francistown. This was a catalyst for the spread of the Message from five Believers then to nearly 1,500 Believers today. As such, 500 books of each title are sufficient to supply the minimum needs of the Believers across eleven (11) known Message churches in the country.  

With the tools available on the Message Hub, Sister Nthusi, and Believers around the world, are able to labour in the translation work to meet the increasing need for more books. Since translation efforts started in August of 2022, 13 Message titles have been translated into Setswana and uploaded to the publicly available website www.messagehub.info. With over 16,000 titles available across 87 languages, this site is accessed in almost every country of the world.

The Setswana project team intends to print more titles as soon as they are proofread. They are especially burdened to put the Exposition of the Seven Church Ages into the local language. By working together to translate and proofread in different countries, and print as close as possible to the end user, this is a great opportunity to clothe the Bride of Jesus Christ in Botswana with the Wedding Garment of the End Time Message. 


To support the work in Uganda and you live in Canada, please contribute to Cloverdale Bibleway by using the button below. If you live in the USA or beyond, please use the Bible Believers button below. God bless you!