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Just Released!

Just Released!


An entirely new application of the Message Hub has been released for Android users. Exciting new features include advanced mode searches, bookmarks, highlighting, sermon audio, copy, and share! The initial release of the improved Android app is available in English only (don’t delete your old version quite yet), but we will very quickly be adding the wide variety of languages previously available, as well as some new ones.

To install your copy of the new app, search for “Message Hub 2024” on the Google Play store.

Along with the app, a new search website, search.messagehub.info with a brand-new browser layout is available for any device with a browser. The new release of the Android and iOS apps will match this site.

Much work has gone into the new experience, and we thank God for all the labourers as well as those that support the Message Hub with their giving and prayers. We pray that the new application will be a blessing to each user.

New Features of the Android App

  • Search the Bible and Message in Basic or Advanced modes. Advanced mode instructions accessible from the search window.
  • Apply Bookmarks to Bible verses and Message paragraphs.
  • Highlight Bible verses and Message text.
  • Listen to Message audio. Currently requires Internet connection.
  • Copy Bible verses and Message text.
  • Share Bible verses and Message text.
  • For tablets, the app shows a side window to display Search Results, Table of Contents, Cross References, and Bookmarks list while still having the Bible or Message text visible.