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2 New Languages Released on the Message Hub

2 New Languages Released on the Message Hub


We are pleased to announce that Setswana (Botswana and South Africa), and Venda (South Africa) have been added to the Message Hub website. This brings the total number of languages on the Message Hub to 87.

The release of languages on the Message Hub Website immediately makes the translated sermons of William Marrion Branham available Believers worldwide.

In past efforts, it could take years for a translated message to be printed and distributed in a foreign country. The Message Hub website has improved that situation by making a translated sermon available for viewing and downloading as soon as it is complete. Add a Print Station (which can be hosted in a small office with a computer that has internet access) and the messages posted on messagehub.info can be used to make paper copies instantly, in small quantities and multiple formats.

For Believers in poorer countries where a desktop computer might be considered a luxury, a smartphone – even if it is not the latest – might be within reach. The Message Hub Mobile App puts the electronic version of translated sermons directly into the hands of such Believers.

Support from concerned Believers have made this possible, and thousands of Believers will now benefit from having their language available electronically.

The Message Hub Mobile App is available for free at the Google Play Store, and the IOS App Store.


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