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Announcement: 7 New Languages Added to the Message Hub


We are happy to announce that the Message Hub now contains just over 16,300 translations. The translators have been working hard, adding over 1000 translations in the past year, labouring diligently to clothe the Bride of Jesus-Christ in each country with the Message in their own language.

7 new languages have been added to the Message Hub Mobile app, including Shona, spoken in the country of Zimbabwe, which has been greatly anticipated.

The complete list of the newly released languages are:
Arabic, Afaan Oromo, Ateso, Hungarian, Karamajong, Kirundi and Shona.

Additionally, the Exposition of the Seven Church Ages Books are now available and ready for print in the following languages:

Country Languages
Botswana Setswana
Burundi Kirundi
Uganda Karamojong, Luganda, Ateso and Runyakitara
Ethiopia Afaan Oromo

The budget to print these Church Age Books is $60,000.