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Grace Unmerited

The village folk are happily making preparations for the arrival of their beloved Prince, when a mysterious stranger appears who doesn't seem to share their joy.


In 605 BCE Jerusalem was besieged by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. The choicest of the king’s children, and princes of Judah were carried away captive.

Swept Away

Somewhere on a ranch out west, there is an orphan girl whose character, forged by trial, is a stark contrast to her fancy cousins.

It Is Well

A Christian, a businessman, and a father, Mr. Horatio Spafford has a Job-like story. Tragedy strikes each area of his life, one disaster after another. His heartfelt response to the wreck and ruin that he suffered was penned as a song that is well known and loved to this day: It Is Well.

Seven Soldiers

The powerful Roman Empire is in the hands of a madman. The emperor Nero, hoping to make space for a new palace hatches a plot to burn the old city of Rome, and blame the Christians for the fire. The orders are given for every Christian in the Empire to be put to death, but what if the soldiers sent to do the killing are soldiers of the cross?

The Prospector

In the Gold Rush days the thought on everyone’s mind was: treasure! No one more than Amos, who believes that he may be about to strike it rich!

Tim Coy

After days without water in the desert of Arizona, Tim Coy is overjoyed to stumble across a camp of prospectors who kindly share their provisions.

Pearl Harbor

The laid back atmosphere in Oahu makes active military service feel like a holiday. In Pearl Harbor there are some very important plans for a gala, but a pesky communications officer keeps insisting that they are headed for war.

The Story of Paul

Paul, who began as Saul, but whose name and heart changed when Jesus met him along the way.

Joseph Part 2

Whatever Joseph does, God prospers, and even in the lowest places God is faithful.