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City Of Refuge


Language: English

Runtime: 60 minutes

Year Produced: 2022


In an unexpected and tragic moment, Judah is thrust into circumstances that will change his life’s pathway forever as he is forced to run to a City of Refuge.  A place of safety for those who are innocent of their crime, but yet, how can he prove this? He must run as his avenger is close behind him, intending to execute his Law given right and avenge his family. Can Judah make it to safety and will he receive refuge if he gets there?



Abraham Wong


Michael Rae

Rueben's Mother

Charity Wong

Rueben's Brother

Rieghardt Van Enter

Judah's Father

Ken Ardiel

Judah's Mother

Isabelle Briner

Twin Brother 1

Matt Ardiel

Twin Brother 2

Levi Waldner


Marco Van Enter


Tommy Rae

High Priest

Murphy Wong