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The Flag Still Stands


Language: English

Runtime: 79 minutes

Year Produced: 2018


This presentation dramatizes the events that transpired during The Battle of Fort McHenry, which was fought in September 1814, during the War of 1812 (1812-1815). The British, having recently captured and burned Washington, DC, needed the victory to solidify their position and ultimately win the war.

During the battle against the fort, Francis Scott Key saw the fighting from a British ship where he was held prisoner and was inspired to write the “Star-Spangled Banner” based on what he had witnessed.

As a believer, we can see or read about natural events of the past and recognize the spiritual parallel. A parallel can be drawn when Francis Key eagerly looked for the flag, and thus was possibly the question the disciples must have asked after the crucifixion of Jesus, is OUR Ensign still standing? But, early on Sunday morning, when the fog of Satan’s bombardments cleared, up from the grave came our Standard, and the believer can still say today, our ENSIGN still stands!


Admiral Cockburn

Marco Van Enter

General Ross

Rieghardt Van Enter

Francis Key

Ryan Hayes

John Skinner

Ken Ardiel

Doctor Beanes

Michael Rae

Sarah Beanes

Barb Drake

Major Armistead

Matthew Ardiel

Water Girl

Hope Schumacher


Andrew Rivas

British Soldiers

Jonas Schumacher
Nathan Heyns

American Soldiers

Caleb Frey
Oren Hildebrandt
Luis Izquierdo


Tommy Rae
Silas Rae