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A Picture’s Price


Language: English

Runtime: 60 minutes

Year Produced: 2015


During a time of war one man gives the ultimate sacrifice, not knowing that his act of love would change another man’s life forever.


Based on the scripture 1 John 5:12-13, “He that that the Son hath Life”. This story has been popularized on the internet, in a variety of re-tellings, but the original author is unknown.


Mr. Richard Huntington

Matthew Ardiel

Winston Huntington

Marco Van Enter


Nathan Heyns


Derek Peris

Sgt. Charlie

Ben Van Lare

Pvt. Tommy

Michael Rae

German Soldiers

Caleb Grunert, Luis Izquierdo


Wesley Ardiel

Count Pierre leRoc

Ken Ardiel

Princess Grace Wong

Grace Wong

Gwyneth Vanderbilt

Melissa Snow

Sir Henry Oxford

Rieghardt Van Enter