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Make Way For Liberty


Language: English

Runtime: 63 minutes

Year Produced: 2018


Arnold von Winkelried is a legendary hero of Swiss history. In the 16th century in Switzerland, Winkelried’s sacrifice brought about the victory of the Old Swiss Confederacy in the Battle of Sempach (1386) against the army of the Habsburg Duke Leopold III of Austria.

In this dramatization, the story of Arnold von Winkelried is told to show how one man’s sacrifice was able to turn the tide in a war and bring freedom to a whole country.


Arnold Von Winkleried

Michael Rae


Marco Van Enter


Abraham Wong

Fish Seller

Rieghardt Van Enter


Luis Izquierdo

Baker's Wife (Maria)

Grace Izquierdo

Chocolatier (Hanz)

Jonas Schumacher

Hanz's Wife

Hope Schumacher

Arnold Von Winkelried's Wife

Sarah Vineyard


Mikaila Rae
Brielle Rae

Austrian Captain

Dan Florent

Austrian Soldiers

Andrew Rivas
Nathan Hunt
Caleb Frey
Oren Hildebrandt
Caleb Grunert