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Emergency Church Shelters Springing up in Uganda

Emergency Church Shelters Springing up in Uganda


The Awakening in Uganda has displaced thousands of people from their denominational churches, creating an urgent need for temporary buildings everywhere. At this time, we know of at least 70 locations in need of assistance, and there may be more in remote areas. When a pastor and congregation embrace the Message, his former denomination usually repossesses the building, which may also deprive the pastor of his personal housing.  The pastor and those of his flock who also believe are left stranded with no place to meet.

At this very moment, people are meeting outside in the open weather, be it rain, sun, or storm.

It would be difficult even in wealthy countries to come up with dozens of meeting places on a moments notice, let alone in a poor country like Uganda. These precious believers simply do not have the resources to meet the sudden demand. But their zeal to follow the new-found truth inspires them to make any sacrifice necessary.

Fortunately, emergency shelters can be constructed in Uganda at affordable prices by first world standards. An “emergency shelter” consisting of tarpaulins over a frame of tree branches and sticks can be erected for about $250 US. This at least provides basic shelter from the weather.  A second solution is the tin pole building. In this case the frame is constructed largely out of natural materials, but it is sided and roofed with aluminum sheeting. It has a dirt floor, but it is a more permanent structure that can be slowly improved.  This type of building can be constructed for about $2000 US, and can accommodate 60-200 people. A third option is the open-walled pole building with foundation, such as was constructed in Kimaga. In late 2017, the church in Kimaga became the “First Fruits” of the revival that followed. When Bible Believers helped construct that church, we had no idea of the tidal-wave of needs that would follow.

However, the Kimaga experience provided valuable preparation in many ways, by providing a full walk-through of the construction process.  A design was conceived, materials were priced, labor needs were evaluated, and qualified construction managers who could oversee the work were located.  All of these resources are now in full use in the attempt to meet the exploding need.

At this time, 12 emergency structures are in progress, using funds that have been generously donated by concerned Believers around the world.

With costs as little as $250 for basic shelter, almost anyone can be involved in helping to meet this urgent need.  If you or your church would like to sponsor emergency shelter construction in Uganda, please contact Bible Believers.  The need is immediate and funds will go to use right away.