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5 Churches in Uganda Receive Sanitary Facilities

5 Churches in Uganda Receive Sanitary Facilities


In the last eight months we have been adding some sanitary facilities to places that have needed them in order to use the churches that have been built. We are glad to say that five more latrines have been built in Odipanya, Kinanjiri, Buluya, Kibale, and Madibira. These are all churches that have very recently come into the Message of the Hour.

In addition, there is a church in Bukwiri that came into the Message of the Hour last year, and arranging a place of worship for them has been very challenging. Pastor Kalulu Peter and half of church have already been baptized in Christ Jesus’ Name, but as often happens they were threatened to be expelled by the denominational bishop. The owner of the land was a member of the church who also came into the Message, so there was some hope that the denomination would relinquish control and cede the rights to the congregation that was now worshipping in the light of the hour. However, after some difficult behaviour on the part of the Bishop, it was decided to leave the old plot of land to the denomination and allow the church to move on.

We are thankful that the new place of worship for the saints in Bukwiri – though it is only tarpaulins over poles – is now ready for the church to use and outfitted with latrines. We thank God for each one that is contributing to this work of making places of worship available for those that are left destitute by accepting this Message. While there are five more latrines that need construction, we hope to continue helping these groups in the future, funds permitting.   

Odipanya Church Latrine

Kananjiri Church Latrine

Buluya Church Latrine

Kibale Church Latrine

Madibira Church Latrine


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