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New Translation of Chinese KJV Bible Printed

With contacts amongst the unrecognized Christian movement in China, it became apparent that a need for a correct translation of the Bible was present. The Chinese Christians identified that there were thousands of errors in the existing and only translation of the Bible that was government approved. Beginning in 2011, errors were identified and a qualified team of translators and proof readers was assembled to work on the project. The first printing of this monumental achievement rolled off the presses in China in 2015 and distribution quickly ensued.

Message Hub Mobile Released

With the advancement of technology, especially smartphones, an app was developed for the Android operating system linking the Bible to the Message of the Hour. This app was originally called the Bible App, but became known as Message Hub Mobile, as the objective was to make all the translations on the Message Hub available in all their diverse languages on the App.

Missions Field: Ethiopia

Bible Believers embarked in spreading the Message into the largely unreached area of Ethiopia. By sending an evangelist from Uganda, Bible Believers funded firstly exploratory missions’ trips into the country, which became many saved souls and the beginning of what is now a thriving church in the capital Addis Ababa. With support from Bible Believers the church reaches out into outlying areas and has translators working in several languages to take the Message to Ethiopia.

Uganda Radio Broadcast

A need was identified to reach those who are unable to read in Uganda and surrounding areas. Local pastors were enlisted for audio translation efforts for this need. Sound studios were built in 2013 and radio time was purchased. Bible Believers continues to support the Uganda Radio Broadcast, where portions of translated sermons by William Branham are played, and questions are taken over the air.

Humanitarian Relief: Super Typhoon – Philippines

In November of 2013 Super Typhoon Yolanda made landfall in Tacloban, Philippines. Within 48 hours Bible Believers wired funds to pastors in the country to begin the rebuilding process. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were donated by Christians all over the world and within 18 months over 200 homes and 21 churches were rebuilt using local expertise and local distribution channels.

Church Building for Moscow

A group of Christians in Russia had no means to build a building to house their congregation. The local pastor contacted us to help them so in that way they could be recognized by the government as a bonafide Christian assembly. Bible Believers provided the seed money, along with some building expertise to bring this project to completion in 2011. The building houses a thriving church and has parsonage space for the pastor.

Message Hub Introduced

As the ministry of translation and printing grew, and technology advanced, it became very apparent that a place on the internet was needed as a repository and resource for the Message and the many language translations. www.messagehub.info was established and has grown to this day as a site for free Message books in dozens of languages. Print stations were developed to allow churches around the world to easily print their own books.


With almost a quarter of the world’s entire population, the Chinese people make up the single largest language group in the world. Bible Believers had long been aware of the need for outreach in this country.  Up to this time, less than 40 Messages/Tracts had been translated and printed in Chinese. Bible Believers teamed up with believers of Chinese origin, who are burdened to reach their people with the Message. In June of 1996, Bible Believers helped sponsor the printing of the Message, The Future Home in the Chinese language.  In addition to this, funds were provided to help purchase the Chinese version of PageMaker computer software in order to streamline the typesetting work. Bible Believers objective is to print at least 12 books by July 1997. In May of 1996, Bible Believers prints first Chinese Message book in South West Asia.

Bible Believers Office Established in Philippines

Brother Byskal made his first Missionary trip to the Philippines in December of 1995 to speak at a National Minister’s Conference. Here the ministers make known their desire for more of the Prophet’s message on audio cassette. Minister’s profiles were collected, with the results indicating that there was an immediate need for approximately 200 Seed Tape Libraries. A Bible Believers office was established in Manila for duplicating and distributing of Seed Tape Libraries, Bibles, clothes, E-Books, and other message material locally. In less than 12 months, Bible Believers provided 100 libraries complete with racks and tape players.