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Telegu: 75 million more people can now use the Message Hub Mobile

We are pleased to report that the Indian language of Telegu is now on the Message Hub Mobile app. Telegu is a primary language of three provinces in India, with 75 million native speakers. It is one of six major language of the Indian subcontinent. India also has up to 30 smaller languages of over […]

Amazing Grace! – Revival Stirs Uganda

As seen in pictures that almost seem imaginary, hundreds of spiritually hungry believers in Uganda lined up for Baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Clearly this is a harvest that has been heavy on the vine for some time.  The revival can be traced back to late December, and the passage of […]

Ethiopia: Miraculous Healing Causes Entire Village to hear the Word of the Hour

Deep in a remote area of Ethiopia reachable only by foot or horseback, the End-time Word is charging forward, sparked by a mighty healing. The miraculous recovery of Brother Tefera from near death caused shock waves to ripple back to his home town.  (see details in previous post)  What power was this that could work […]

Supernatural Healing sparks Revival in Ethiopian Village

In the Bible, we read of a God who bears witness of Himself, by His supernatural acts.     “God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to his own will…”  (Hebrews 2:4) That same God is present and working today, as recent […]