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China: The Supernatural God in a Time of Pressure

As the government in China has begun to exercise more control over churches in the country, God has manifested His supernatural power.  Visiting and preaching in churches all through the country in the month of October, Brother Murphy brings back incredible stories of the ever present God making his presence known, bringing aid and comfort […]

Uganda Flashback: Bibleway Christian Academy Missions Trip 2013

If it wasn’t for current events in Uganda, a trip taken by a group of students from Bibleway Christian Academy might easily have been forgotten. This group of young people visited Uganda in 2013 and participated in actions that have had an impact that still remains today. For many of them, it was their first […]

“I feel joy over me!” -Church Age Books Distributed

They have waited a long time for this.  After printing in China, shipping to Uganda only to be delayed in customs for weeks, the first shipment of 5000 Church Age Books finally reach the eager hands of New Ugandan Believers. Every time the boxes are opened at meetings they don’t last long.  This video says […]

Uganda: Equipping New Believers

Bibles.  Message Books. Shelter from the rain.  The most basic of things are in short supply in Uganda following the mighty outpouring of God’s Grace over the past months.  In this video, Brother Tim Dodd shares some of the challenges these precious new believers are facing as they strive to carry on in their new […]

How Important is an Accurate Bible?

In the late 1800’s, two scholars found a couple of ancient Bible manuscripts that they thought were more accurate, and released a new Bible translation. This act may have been well-intentioned  but had  unexpected and negative consequences. The new manuscripts spawned a flurry, and eventually a flood of confused and different readings, in hundreds of […]

They Tried to Disrupt the Meeting…

The latest outreach in Uganda resulted in 257 Baptisms, including 8 ministers. Following his usual plan, Brother Fred Kiyingi traveled with a team from his church to a village in Mayuge district to meet ministers and others interested in the Message of the Hour. Brother Fred’s movements are watched by denominational churches, and they made […]

The Message Hub now serves Ghana and Fiji

We are pleased to announce that two new languages have launched on the Message Hub.  Twi is a language spoken by up to 9 million people in Central and Southern Ghana.  Fijian is spoken by up to 450,000 natives on the Islands of Fiji, and individuals around the world.  We pray that God’s precious elect […]

Uganda: Re-Baptised Pastors Testify

Changed lives. Changed churches. In May of 2018 Bro Tim Dodd had the opportunity to spend a day with almost 2000 new Believers near Kampala, Uganda. Included in this number were over 100 ministers. This video shows just a few of the many recently re-baptized pastors in Uganda testifying of their first-hand experience in the […]