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A True Witness – Introduction


From an early age, Brother Ed Byskal was a witness to many miraculous works of the Lord. Watch and listen as Brother Byskal recounts those events in A True Witness, a series of episodes about his experiences with the Lord and his encounters with Brother Branham, the minister who was at the center of these supernatural events.

Brother Branham was one of the most influential Bible ministers of our time. He was considered by many to be the initiator of the healing and charismatic revival that began in 1947, and from his ministry, there sprang a myriad of other ministers who became internationally known.

From 1947 until the time of his passing in 1965, the powerful ministry of Brother Branham was well known and considered unparalleled in the history of gospel meetings. The impact of the supernatural ministry of this one man was felt not only in North America, but also around the world.

Brother Byskal had the privilege of attending a number of Brother Branham’s services and accompanied him on several hunting trips. A True Witness shares many of the incredible testimonies of a witness who was with Brother Branham and saw firsthand the mighty way in which God used him.