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Nov 2021 Believers Faith Challenge Report

Our November issue of the BFCR is now available online. Special Highlight - Translation of the Message into Spanish is complete!

Clearing a Backlog of Baptisms in Uganda

The Covid-19 restrictions in Uganda may have helped hinder the spread of the virus, but they certainly have not stopped the spread of the Awakening.

Cold Water to Thirsty Souls: Shipment Arrives in Malawi

When the truck arrived just this week with boxes of half a million printed messages translated into their native language of Chichewa, singing and rejoicing broke out...

Introducing OpenMessageView – Version 1.0

We are happy to announce the release of OpenMessageView 1.0! Developed by Brother Andrew Schuler of Divine Love Fellowship in Tucson, Arizona, this software is a significant milestone in the goal to make tools available for Believers to study the Message of the Hour in every language.

Rwanda: 4 Years…342 Translations

The work that has been accomplished over the past four years in the Kinyarawanda language is an example of what can be done when Believers with a burden for their country cooperate.