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Printing Begins in India


In 1979, through a set of unique and supernatural events, Brother Daniel Evans of Rajamundry, India, met Brother Byskal at some special meetings in Sweden. While attending these meetings, Brother Evans heard for the first time, what he described as, “The Message that followed Brother Branham’s ministry”. Revelation began to strike Brother Evans as he heard how God spoke through the Prophet to illuminate the scriptures for this day. By the end of the convention, Brother Evans was consumed with a burden and zeal to translate and print the Messages of the Prophet for his own people.

Shortly after returning home to India, Brother Evans wrote to Brother Byskal informing him that he had translated the Message, The Spoken Word Is The Original Seed and that it was ready for printing. In a joint-cooperative effort, the church in Sweden paid for printing Volume I and Bible Believers paid for Volume II. This book printed in 1979, represented the small “seed” from which originated Bible Believers most enduring and substantial Missions Project to date.