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Ethiopia Outreach


Wonderful testimonies from the move of God in Ethiopia continue to come to our ears. From Southern Ethiopia comes this testimony from the latest effort to reach out into the vast countryside with the Message of the Hour.

“God bless you Saints. So today, 350 km (south of Addis Ababa) in the very small village town of Shone, we agreed with Brother Moges to venture out into the farms and just go to any house. As we walked deep into the village, we heard people praying in a house. We knocked, were allowed in and got into prayer ourselves. Then a woman prophesied ‘you are from a far place and have come here with the gift of healing and God’s Mystery. You will preach for us today and next week on Wednesday’ We preached on the Lord’s visitation to Sarah. Keep in prayers. We are claiming this group and their house of prayer for our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen”

Remember our dear brothers in prayer, as God leads them sovereignly as He did in the Book of Acts.