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Receiving the Bread of Life

Receiving the Bread of Life


And Peter, fastening his eyes upon him with John, said, Look on us. And he gave heed unto them, expecting to receive something of them. Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. (Acts 3:4-6)

One bright morning, Brother Busobozi (Brother Bus) had an appointment to meet someone but because the person could not make it, Brother Bus along with Brother Moges decided to check at the post office where two boxes of Message books from End Time Message Tabernacle in Edmonton, Canada had arrived for him to pick up. This was the second time to pick up such Message materials, but this time Mr. Berhanu, the post officer, can’t help but ask what they came to receive. Brother Moges answers him, “Megebu” interpreted to mean “Food” which he later clarified to the man as “the bread of life.” Excited, the man asks to receive some messages, which Brother Bus is happy to give to him. Mr. Berhanu then introduced his son, Million, to Brother Bus over the phone.

As a result, Million who is a young Presbyterian theologian in his twenties, together with Theodore, a highly educated man and lay leader of the currently unofficial Presbyterian Church in Ethiopia, meet with Brother Bus during a two week period. Both hear about the End Time Message for their first time; The Godhead, Original Sin, Predestination, Church Ages, Malachi 4, The Holy Ghost among others were topics of discussion during the time of their meetings. They were on the verge of being convinced that it is the Truth, however, they could not make the decision because then it was a great price for them to pay. Not only on the part of the finances but also on their doctrine of Hyper Calvinism that gave them liberty to do whatever they pleased in life because salvation is by grace and not by works. Pray for these two men that God may continue to reveal Himself to them.
Meanwhile; through these two men, there was a third man whose name is Nat, an Eritrean who was part of the fellowship of the Presbyterian Church but was forced to dig deeper into the Word after hearing Brother Bus expound the present Truth. He was compelled to borrow a small player of the Message from Brother Bus so as to hear the voice of the End Time Prophet.

Nat, being an Eritrean refugee couldn’t get a job because it is illegal for a refugee to be employed in Ethiopia. He related to Brother Bus how he could not take care of his wife and several children due to this ordeal. Touched, Brother Bus felt to ask him if he believed in prayer (the Presbyterian Church doctrine he has been attending believes days of miracles is past) and Nat agreed. This compelled Brother Bus to tell him that he wished he could help his family with money but since he did not have it, he should take as much as he can – Pray that God will “create” a job for him, and that it would be a sign for him that the Message he has been listening to is TRUE. Without hesitating, Nat joined his hands to Brother Bus and they prayed that God would create a job for him. Within two days, Nat called to say that God had given him a job. Praise the Lord! Since then, Nat has decided to leave his former church and attend with the believers of the Message.

Ethiopia Baptism of GashawIn the May 2015 Believers Faith Challenge Update, a testimony was given about Sister Fre; an unusual person who contacted Brother Bus. She has been growing steadily and recently witnessed to a workmate named Gashaw, a former wizard who also invited his recently made contact Lisan to the fellowship. Gashaw had never been baptized, while Lisan was immersed in “Jesus” Name for his “salvation” while working in Djibouti. But when they heard Brother Bus expound the Word, Lisan exclaimed that he wanted to be identified with the fullness of Christ in Christian baptism and both of them were baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Glory to God! Both now attend the work in Addis Ababa.

Sis Marta ShopReports about Sister Marta, the lady that had been a street girl for over 10 years have been given in the past. The May update about her was that through the support of Bible Believers, Brother Bus has now been able to help her get a small café started in the lower part of Addis Ababa city. She is now very happy and we are hoping she can now be able to take care of herself from this small business going forward as she grows spiritually. We solicit your continued prayers for her.

According to Brother Bus, things have changed much from the time he and Sister Rebecca first landed in this historic land in early 2013. From practically no one to fellowship with, there is now a regular number of about 15 that come to Brother Bus’ house to hear The Message of the Hour. Out of about 25 baptized over that time, 11 live in Addis Ababa and can make it to the fellowship. Travel and outreach are frequent. Brother Bus just arrived back from the city of Mekelle, a trip of 1200 kms (750 miles) where two more were baptized. Before the baptisms, Sister Helen, a new convert called the man that baptized her previously in Addis and asked him questions:

Sis. Helen, “Is Father a Name?”
The man, “No!”
“That means Son, and Holy Ghost are not names either?” said Sis. Helen.
The man, “Sure.”
Sis. Helen, “Why then did you baptise me in the titles and not the Name? Is trinity biblical?”
The man, “I can answer that, but can you stand it?”
Sis. Helen, “If it’s the truth, I will…”
The man, “Trinity is not bibilical but a doctrine of the Church…”
Sis. Helen, “In that case, I will today be baptised in the NAME,” and she hung up.

There is more good news to report, that after waiting for approximately four months, the Government has accepted the application for a license to operate as a legal church ministry in Ethiopia! Brother Bus reports that after a few more pending processes, the license will be ready by the end of October. This license will enable the church to have a publicly recognized location as well as freely conduct outreaches throughout the land.
The work of Brother Bus and the translation work within Ethiopia is fully supported by us. Your support and prayers are having a huge impact in the previously unreached country of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia After fellowship

Believers fellowshipping after a service