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Our Lord’s Trial


Language: English

Runtime: 68 minutes

Year Produced: 2013


The final scenes of the life of Jesus Christ, between the Garden in Gethsemane and the pronouncement of his death sentence in Pilate’s Judgement Hall is presented as a series of choices. Each character in the story is given an opportunity to judge Christ, and his value. The tone of our story is very solemn, as it was so many years ago when each individual made their decision during the trial of our Lord. The religious and political rulers of the day, the disciple who denied Him and the mob crying for Barabbas are all represented as closely to their actual roles in Scripture as possible.

The choices do not end in Pilate’s Hall 2000 years ago, and each individual is given an opportunity in their life to decide what they think of the Lord Jesus Christ. What has He done? What is He worth? And how will He be judged?


The original text for Our Lord’s Trial can be found in each of the four Gospels: Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, and John 19. The testimonies of Bro. Daniel Florent, and Bro. Kyle Morton have been video recorded and can be accessed in the testimonies section of our website.



Philip Ashdown

Judas Iscariot

Luis Izquierdo Jr.


Marco Van Enter

Pontius Pilate

Michael Rae

Pilate's Wife

Melissa Ashdown


Ben Van Lare

Caiaphas the High Priest

Rieghardt Van Enter

Sanhedrin Counsel

Ken Ardiel, Richard Drake, Tom Frey

Disciple/ Blind Bartimaeus

Kyle Morton

Disciple/ Mob

Anthony Hoffman


Daniel Florent

Temple Guards

Caleb & Anthony Frey

Temple Servants/ False Witnesses

Derek Peris, Andrew Rivas

Roman Soldiers

Jonathan Frey, Caleb Grunert

Pilate's Servant

Gabriel Florent

Jewish Women

Tiffany Grunert, Melissa Snow