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Six New Churches Completed in Uganda

Six New Churches Completed in Uganda


We are happy to report that the construction of 6 new church structures in Uganda has been completed in the month of June.

New Believers in the villages of Kangulumira, Kyebanja, Makbuye, Nakawa, Wabusonko, and Zengede now have a shelter from the elements to gather for worship, and to be strengthened in the Truths of this Message.

In addition, 12 pit latrines at Idudi, Bufutula, Nabitama, Kanjuki, Samuuka, Kasenge, Kasiso, Lutuula, Buchera, Kabelai, Kyanfuba, and Bulima churches have been constructed. While not all local governments require latrines, these were required in order for the church structures to be approved for use.

We rejoice with our fellow Believers, and thank God for those on whom He has placed the burden to support the funding and construction of these shelters. The photographs below show the latest 6 buildings in various stages of construction. These have now been completed, and more are in process. Our goal is to build 3 churches every month. 

12 Latrines Built



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