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Adventists in Uganda Awakened – Part 2


“…when I speak against some denomination, or the denominational system, it isn’t the people in there. It’s the system that I’m against (You see?), that holds them apart, holds us from receiving. See? They draw up their declarations, say, “We believe this, period.” If they would end it with a comma, “We believe this, plus as much as the Lord can show us out of His Word,” it would be all right. But they do not do it that way. You know that. It couldn’t be a denomination and do that. It would just be the move of God, moving on all the time.”   

~ William Branham – Once More Lord – November 17, 1963

The awakening that has been sweeping through Uganda for the past three years, took an amazing new turn in the month of January 2021, breaking into Adventist ranks with supernatural force. As highlighted in our post of March 14, 2021, many Adventists had their eyes opened while the Word for our Day was preached. Their desire for baptism had to be delayed to another day because of the evening curfew, due to Covid restrictions. It was amazing to see ministers testify of feeling like new Christians as the Word struck their hearts. Such was the joy that the Lord had loosed amongst them.

While viewing the video of Adventist pastors testifying, Brother Esteban Rivas, himself a former Adventist and a long-time attendee at Cloverdale Bible Way Church, was stunned to see the revival breaking out in Adventist ranks. He shares that it is very difficult to shake an Adventist from his denomination, since they are continually drilled in their own interpretation of the Scriptures. To see Adventists breaking away in mass, as is starting to happen in Uganda, is unheard of! Since Adventism as a denomination was one of the pioneers in exploring end-time prophecy, many Adventists are deeply schooled in the teachings of their church, as laid down by 19th century leaders such as Uriah Smith, and Ellen White. Brother Branham read some of their writings in studying the Seven Seals, but laid it aside as the Holy Spirit revealed the truths previously hidden in the book of Revelation.

Finally, the great day arrived when the original meeting with the Adventists was followed up with a baptismal service. With help from Bible Believers, the people were taken to a place where water for immersion was available. In all 215 souls (including 7 ministers) received true Christian Baptism, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We rejoice with the Adventists in Uganda as they are sure to be stimulated further by the revelation of the Word as they dig into key teaching contained in the Church Ages and Hebrews series preached by Brother Branham. Brother Esteban testifies that these books helped him immensely. Deep studying of the Scriptures is not an unfamiliar exercise to them, but now they can do it in the full Light of the Evening Time!

We are watching this situation unfold with excitement and prayers, but we are also aware that this development continues to present a flood of needs. As of this week, 10,000 copies of the newly printed Revelation of the Seven Seals book have arrived in Uganda. This will soon be followed up with 10,000 copies of the Hebrews series, and 10,000 more Bibles which are greatly needed. None of this could be accomplished without your help.

As remarkable as the Adventist awakening is, it still represents only a small portion of the baptisms that continue to take place among Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals, and others in Uganda. Please pray with us that the Lord will supply the upcoming needs, even as we rejoice in the miracle that is taking place.


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