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Message MP3 Players Distributed in Uganda

Message MP3 Players Distributed in Uganda


During the existing awakening in Uganda, while Bible Believers is focused on the new Believers, this in no way diminishes the spiritual needs throughout the country amongst existing Believers. As we use the resources at our disposal in the best way possible, we are always confronted with a wide variety of needs throughout Uganda and other countries. 

Part of our continuing effort to meet the needs of new Believers in Uganda has been to provide ministers with MP3 players pre-loaded with the Message in audio format. These were generously purchased by Believers in China, while others helped to support their distribution. Now, reports of the fruits of these efforts are coming in.

The awakening in Uganda that began in 2017 was centered in the Southern third of the country, but early on, a “Macedonian call” for help was heard from Believers and ministers far to the North. While the revival surged on, these existing Believers watched with interest, but were also very aware of their own needs.

Recently, Brother Busobosi, who operates the printing and distribution office in Kampala, and Brother Robert Kabasi, a pastor in Kampala, participated in an outreach in a city called Nebbi, in West Nile, a ten-hour drive to the North. The ministers in that area gathered to receive some of the Message MP3 players, and were delighted to find Brother Busobosi had brought two boxes of Church Age Books. The ministers were quick to testify of the value of the MP3 players, as access to the Message is a challenge in their area. The Message Hub web site is not always available to them due to a shortage of ways to reliably access the internet. Some ministers testified of mighty miracles taking place, as the Prophet’s voice was heard being played through the MP3 players. These devices come pre-loaded with the entire Message in English, and the 233 Messages that have been translated into Luganda by the translation team working in Kampala. The ministers are requesting more mp3 players be sent to their area.

Brother Busobosi testifies that the region is vast, and the twenty minsters he met with are just a fraction of those who are laboring there with little support. This remote area has not received much outreach or instruction. Providing ministers access to the entire Message in audio format and the Church Age Book is important to countering doctrinal errors that can develop due to lack of proper teaching.

Our initial expectation in sending the MP3 players to Uganda was that they would serve ministers who have come into the Message as part of the awakening in the South. While that has indeed happened, now it appears the MP3 players have revealed a whole new set of needs in the North.

This area also has a significant population that speaks another language spoken in Uganda called Alur, which is also spoken in neighboring Congo. Some Message translation into this language has been started by local Believers, but the need for a more concerted translation effort is real. Bible Believers is looking at this and other languages for translation effort. 

Please pray with us that the resources will come available to meet the needs of these precious Believers in the Northern region of Uganda. May God bless the Chinese Believers and all who supported the effort to provide the MP3 players. This tool has proven extremely useful, both to the new Ministers of the awakening, and now to those Believers who have been quietly laboring in the North regions for years.

Pastors in Northern Uganda receiving Message MP3 players


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