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Announcement: Chinese Translation of the Message Complete!


It is with heartfelt appreciation for the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that we announce the completion of the translation of the Message of the Hour into the Chinese Language. All the sermons of Brother William Branham have been translated into Chinese in written form. This is in addition to the Chinese King James Bible translation project that was completed in 2015.

Under the steady leadership of Brother Murphy Wong working out of the Bible Believers office in Canada, many translators and proofreaders around the world have worked tirelessly on this project since 1998. The size of the translation team has varied over the years, but the dedication has never flagged. While each and every translator is a key part of the team, not enough can be said about Brother Murphy. Often the first one to arrive at the office and the last one to leave, he could be seen at all hours with a translation open on this computer. This is not including the effort put in on weekends. He also helps to guide the local Chinese Believers in their spiritual lives, witness amongst the Chinese community, and preach regularly in Cloverdale Bibleway. We thank God for a dedicated servant like Brother Murphy Wong to spearhead the work in Chinese.

As Brother Murphy stated in his announcement during the service on March 19 th (see above), the wedding garment to clothe the Chinese Bride is now ready. Currently, the Believers in China are under great opposition and need to be very careful in their gatherings not to attract attention. We are sure that the devil has orchestrated events to try and stop the elect from hearing the Word of God. But we are also sure that the Lord will not allow Satan to pluck any from His hand. May the Lord use the labours in translation in the awakening of the “Wise Virgin” in China (Matthew 25:1-13) to join the world-wide Bride soon to be caught away for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

The next project for the Believers is the audio recording of the translations. Already 435 Messages have been recorded.

Please remember the Believers in your prayers and believe with us that the elect in that country shall soon receive the portion of the Word that is allotted to them in this day.