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Rose Blossoms After 10 Years

Rose Blossoms After 10 Years


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I have an amazing testimony I would like to share with you.

We had a fellowship with the Chinese saints in Bro James and Sis Shirley’s house last Friday. We start at 10:30 in the morning and finished at 2:30 the afternoon. The Lord once again gave us wonderful time in the Word, and the Word impacted us greatly in various ways.

First, there’s a lady introduced by that “white jacket brother” in China came for the meeting. (Click here for Brother Murphy’s explanation of the white jacket Brother)  What happens is the white jacket brother told me two days before that that he shared the Message with a sister in China and that sister believed. Then that sister had a friend in Vancouver that would like to meet me. So he gave me her number then I contacted her and invited her to come for the Bible study last Friday.  Her name is Rose.

When I was sharing the Message in the study I was a little cautious because there were some new comers there. I watched Rose but found out she was right there and very keen to listen. There was no resistance at all. Everything I said she either nodded her head or say amen to it. She even said she believe Brother Branham is the prophet Messenger for this age. I thought that’s strange for a first time comer.

Then during the lunch break she told me all the story. She actually received some Message books more than 10 years ago from a man in Shenzhen. Later I checked with everybody I know in Shenzhen and elsewhere but nobody knows this man. Anyway, she heard of this Message but never believed it. So she went through all kinds of denominations in the past 10 years. Then she moved to Vancouver because of her son’s schooling. But the amazing thing is she said she came to my house 7 years ago through an international student. She came to the church and later to my house to have lunch with us at that time, but I don’t remember it at all. I guess too many people came to my house. But she didn’t believe the Message because she was still wading in the Pentecost church muddles at that time.

But just recently her best friend, that sister in China who came to the Message by the witness of the white jacket brother, contacted her. She told her she found the truth, the Message.

When she start to telling her of the Message, Rose screamed and said, “I heard this Message 10 years ago, I even visited a Message believer’s church and a home in Vancouver.”

Then they started to fellowship on the Message they had. The more she read the more she realized this is the Truth.

Afterward she eagerly wanted to contact us. So through the sister in China she found the white jacket brother, through that brother she found my contact, through that contact she came for the Bible study, through the Bible study she came to the service on Sunday, and on Sunday morning Brother Byskal preached New Birth, and Sunday evening Brother Tom Rae preached you need to be on fire. Then afterward Rose talked to us and said, “I got the conclusion, I need the new birth, and I need the real fire to burn me up.”

She said in these 10 some years of confusion and distress she was full of scars and hurts. All she saw is hypocrisy and money schemes in the Pentecostal churches. She didn’t know where to turn. But then the Lord brought her back to the Message that she “almost missed” 10 years ago. As Jesus said in John 6:39, “… that of all which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day.”

Rose said that after all these years comparing different churches, she realized only this Message is the Truth. I remember a quote Bro Branham said in the Third Seal:

Just like some guys start to try to fuss with you, if you know where to stand, know what he believes… It’s just like taking a rabbit and turning him loose in a pen and you’ve got every hole stopped up. Just stand at the gate; he’s got to come back. So… See? He has to come right back to the gate again ’cause that’s the only way he can get out. He will stick his head through here and almost break his neck, go over there and over there. Just stand and watch him, and he will come right back. See? That’s all. That’s the only way to do: stay with that Word. Now, just blast all around your creed and just break your neck everywhere, but you got to come right back to this Word. See? That’s all of it.

God has stopped up every other hole for Sister Rose but left one gate for her and now she’s back to the gate, Jesus Christ, the revealed Word in this hour.

Brother Murphy