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Clearing a Backlog of Baptisms in Uganda

Clearing a Backlog of Baptisms in Uganda


The Covid-19 restrictions in Uganda may have helped hinder the spread of the virus, but they certainly have not stopped the spread of the Awakening. Working around curfews and partial restrictions, the laborers in the field have continued to visit churches, and a harvest keeps coming in. For the past two years, baptismal services have happened in spurts, as when restrictions lift, hundreds rush out to be baptized.

At this time in Uganda, indoor gatherings are limited to 200 people, and a curfew is enforced starting at 7:00 PM each evening. While it seems these types of restrictions would be prone to affect church services and ministry work, this month, Uganda will see over 800 souls Baptized, in 5 different areas.

These photos, fresh from the field, show that the Awakening is alive and well and not slowing down. By 2018, Brother Fred Kiyingi had estimated over 30,000 souls had already been baptized, coming mainly from Pentecostal churches. At this time, the figure has greatly surpassed that, drawing from Baptist, Methodist, and Adventist churches, as well as those from other religions such as Muslims. Even workplaces are experiencing this move of God, such as the steel mill revival, covered in our July 2020 report.

Please continue to pray that the Lord will supply the many needs of these precious new souls – needs for buildings to worship in, Bibles to read, and Message books to study. Printing, distributing, and construction efforts are under way as resources come in, but the needs continue to expand also. Please pray also for the health and strength of the ministry teams as they reach out to new Believers in many areas, proclaiming the Gospel of the End Time Message.

Bro Stephen Ibale meeting with new Believers before baptism
Bro Hannington Balita meeting with more Believers for baptism


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