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“You Can’t Hide Life”


While the world is in a locked down condition in the current pandemic, the redemptive purpose of God cannot be stopped. While church gatherings are stopped or modified, and outreach is not normal, God still finds a way to reach the elect with the Word. We are receiving reports of baptisms in different parts of the world that are being carried out for repentant souls who have received salvation. God is opening up new works in remote or closed off places. As Brother Branham expressed, though you pour concrete on the ground, if there is a seed there, it will come forth in its season.

“Did you ever lay a sidewalk? Some of you man, no doubt, have done it. And just scoop up all the dirt, and lay the sidewalk out, pour it with concrete. But then in the summertime when you go to cut the grass, do you know where the grass is the thickest at? Right by the side of that walk. It’s twice as thick there as it is anywhere else. Why is it? Down beneath that concrete, you covered over some seeds. But just as sure as that sunshine begins to bathe the earth, and the season’s right, that seed’s got life in it. And you can’t hide life? It’ll work its way right over those grains of concrete till it comes out, so it can lift up its little head and praise God. You just can’t hide life.” (THIRSTING FOR LIFE, CHICAGO, IL 59-0613)

This video is a report of a fellowship that sprung up among workers in a steel mill during the coronavirus lock down in Uganda.