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Complete!  New Church Building in Kimaga, Uganda

Complete! New Church Building in Kimaga, Uganda


On October 27th of 2017 we reported of a mighty stir in Uganda, in which 60 people were baptized in one weekend. (See Post)

Believers in Kimaga receiving true Christian Baptism

From this initial sowing, a crop of saints has continued to grow.  Removed from their previous churches, the new Believers desperately needed a place to meet.  With our help, land was acquired, and a simple structure was planned.
Though it was simple enough that much of the work could be done by volunteers, many obstacles slowed the process. (See Post)

Believers gather under a makeshift shelter after leaving their denominational church

At this time, we are pleased to report that the 30 x 60 foot building is complete and ready for use. There is much to admire in the faith of new Believers, who like Abraham of old, launch out into the unknown at the calling of God:

“Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee.”  Genesis 12:1.

They do not know what to expect, only that God has called them, and they must answer.  Surely it is an encouragement to them to find that there are Believers in other places who have gone before them—Believers who are willing and able to help them on their new journey of faith.  Imagine their joy, when a few short months after their calling, they now have a place to worship, a building of their very own, built with their own hands, and seasoned with prayer. God has proven faithful, despite the obstacles, and the journey of faith goes on.

Pastor Fred Kiyingi (second left) with Kimaga Pastor (left) along with Brother Julius and their wives rejoicing in the victory of the Lord!

We pray that the Lord will bless this congregation and make them a lighthouse to the surrounding area.  Though the structure is simple, just a roof with open walls, we remember that a lighthouse is mostly windows. May the light of truth shine out brightly from this place.