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Hawassa, Ethiopia:  A New City Opens to the Word

Hawassa, Ethiopia: A New City Opens to the Word


You may remember from a recent report how Brother Timothy, a Deacon in the church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, was transferred by his work to the town of Hawassa, 4 hours to the South. (story here) Brother Timothy has continued to attend in Addis, but recent events have made the divine reason for his transfer to Hawassa more plain.

Hawassa is more than just a town, it is a bustling city of 320,000, with a university, and many churches. Surveys of Ethiopia have shown that over 60% of the population confesses some type of Christianity. It was to this city that Brothers Busobozi and Moges traveled following their fruitful trip to Nakemte. (story here)

Through a contact that Brother Timothy had, the Brothers were allowed to offer the morning devotions for three successive days at a local College. About 200 students and administrators were present.

This is where the story takes an interesting twist. Also living in the city was a young sister named Rebka, who had lived in Addis Ababa and fellowshipped in the church there for a time. She had taken some English Message books with her, and not being able to read them, gave them to the administrators and students of this same College. One of the books fell into the hands of a teacher and part-time minister by the name of Tesfa. It just so happens that this man was at a crossroads in his ministry. The church of about 50 people which he inherited from another man was prophecy based, with heavy emphasis on spiritual gifts. Tesfa had been drawn to this type of ministry in reaction to having come from another denomination that was “word only” based, with no spiritual manifestation. Now he had come full circle to realize that too much emphasis on gifts was also incorrect.

He did not know where to turn, but had heard the name William Branham mentioned favorably by the minister who had founded the church.

His search led him to the internet to see what he could learn about this man, but the articles there left him confused, and uncertain.

He was surprised to see books of sermons by William Branham going around his college, but no one could explain more. It was at this moment in his search that the Brothers came to his very college and gave devotions. He took this as an answer to his prayer to learn the truth about William Branham.

At his request, Brothers Busobozi and Moges met with him several times, going through scriptures such as Malachi 4:5-6, Luke 17:21, Matthew 17:10-13, Luke 1:12-17, and Revelation 10:7, patiently explaining how the churches had gotten off of balance, and that a Messenger was prophesied to come and restore. Tesfa invited them to preach at his church, and they took services Saturday evening, and Sunday morning.

In a final surprising event, it was discovered that Brother Timothy and Tesfa are actually close neighbors. Tesfa would be able to come and study more in a home fellowship setting, and confessed that he had a great need for this. Also, recently he received a phone call from a long time friend who mysteriously told him that he saw God leading him in a new direction. This seemed a very fitting confirmation of everything that was happening.

Brother Busobozi sees a door opening in the city of Hawassa, and would like to have 200 message books in the local language of Amharic to distribute. Please pray with us, as we watch this astonishing story unfold.