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How Important is an Accurate Bible?


In the late 1800’s, two scholars found a couple of ancient Bible manuscripts that they thought were more accurate, and released a new Bible translation. This act may have been well-intentioned  but had  unexpected and negative consequences. The new manuscripts spawned a flurry, and eventually a flood of confused and different readings, in hundreds of newly copyrighted Bibles. A counter-movement arose, claiming that the findings of the 1800’s were too hastily received.

The manuscripts from which the King James Version was translated have a long and well-attested history. Today, many churches and Bible scholars are returning to the King James Version and the thousands of ancient manuscripts on which it is based. The King James Version is at the very least the most proven, and arguably the most accurate and ancient, in its manuscript stream.

For Chinese Bible readers, this return to the original readings has not been possible. The State sponsored Union Bible was created in the era when the new and “better” manuscripts were in vogue. China has never had a Bible in the King James tradition. The Union Bible remains the only approved Bible in China, and has over 11,400 differences from the King James Version in the New Testament alone. Worse, with this the only Bible available, Chinese Christians have been completely unaware that their Bible is missing many important scriptures. Do these things matter?

In 2011, Bible Believers undertook a massive effort to produce a Chinese Bible that would reflect the time-tested readings of the King James Version. This allows Chinese Bible readers to decide for themselves if the differences matter.

Brother Murphy Wong, in cooperation with Believers and Pastors in China oversaw the translation work, starting with several efforts that had been begun by others. With over 20 years of English/Chinese translation work on his resume and proven spiritual discernment, brother Murphy was uniquely qualified for this important job. The result was the Chinese King James Version, which was first printed in parallel with the Union Bible, allowing every Chinese reader to have full disclosure of the changes.

At present, we are still awaiting government approval to offer this Bible in China, but this is not a work for China alone, it is a gift to Chinese Bible readers all over the world, in whatever church they might be. In order to make them aware of it, Bible Believers has launched an effort to reach out to Chinese Bible readers in America, in Canada, and everywhere else. There are over 300 Chinese churches in Canada, and nearly 1500 in the USA, including Colleges, Bookstores, and other types of Christian organizations. At present, we are contacting each of these churches and organizations individually, to make them aware of the Chinese King James Version. We believe they also have a right to read the same Bible that the church has been reading for thousands of years.

In addition we have created an introductory video, which is now live on YouTube. If you will watch it and leave a positive comment, the hits will help move it higher in search results. While we don’t endorse YouTube for obvious reasons, in this particular case, it can help to reach the people who need to know. Feel free to share this video with anyone in your circles who may be interested.

We have also produced an email to introduce the CKJV, which can be forwarded along. If there is anyone in your contacts you believe would want to know about the Chinese King James Version, you may request the email HERE. We are not limiting our announcement efforts to Chinese speakers. Interestingly, we have found many English speakers are also intrigued by this Bible. Unexpected people can play a part in getting the word out about this important Bible version.

You may help also, with your prayers, your support, and in this case, your contacts. Let the Chinese people of the world know they can now own a copy of the King James Version in their native language!

I want to help.