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It Is Well


Language: English

Runtime: 88 minutes

Year Produced: 2012


A Christian, a businessman, and a father, Mr. Horatio Spafford has a Job-like story. Tragedy strikes each area of his life, one disaster after another. His heartfelt response to the wreck and ruin that he suffered was penned as a song that is well known and loved to this day: It Is Well.


Horatio Spafford was born in New York in 1828, and married Anna Larsen in 1861. The events of our story took place over the span of 1871-1873; concluding with the shipwreck of the S.S. Ville du Havre November 22, 1873.


Horatio Spafford

Michael Rae

Mrs. Anna Spafford

Abigail Rae

Annie Spafford

Anna Peris

Tanette Spafford

Brooke Desmet

Maggie Spafford

Amberly Redel

Bessie Spafford

Mayla Ardiel


Matthew Ardiel


Marco Van Enter

Mr. Kramer

Ken Ardiel

D. L. Moody

Kyle Morton

Dr. Rowlings

Rieghardt Van Enter

Fire Chief

Ricardo Gonzales

Firemen/ Sailors

Caleb Grunert, Andrew Rivas

Rescued Children

Logan, Camden