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New Languages Added to MHub Mobile

New Languages Added to MHub Mobile

Message Hub Mobile (MHM), a Bible/Message application available for Android devices, continues to grow in both popularity and usefulness. With the addition of Italian, Swahili and Portuguese languages, a total of 20 languages are available on MHM. The addition of Italian, through the efforts of a dedicated team of Italian Believers, brings the number of European languages available to 12.

The addition of Swahili is truly a milestone. The translation work done by Believers in Tanzania has been a great work supported by Believers in Tennessee and Virginia. Started under Brother Zephaniah Peters, and continuing under the current pastor in Arusha, Brother Elias Pellangelo, translators in Africa have been loading translations to the Message Hub for a number of years.

We are glad to make the Swahili language – one spoken by over 100 million Africans – available on the MHM app to read, study and search the Message in their own language. They can read the Swahili Bible and follow the links that will take them to the things that Brother Branham said about the scripture and thereby draw closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.
In Portuguese, we have two categories due to the different way Portuguese is spoken in different parts of the world. Translators are working in Portuguese from Portugal, while others work on Brazilian Portuguese. There is enough difference between the languages to have the two categories. We are glad to make them both available on MHM.

The Message Hub Mobile app is available from the Google Play or Amazon App stores.