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The Story of Paul


Language: English

Runtime: 101 minutes

Year Produced: 2007


An educated man with a burning zeal for what he believes to be true is responsible for the persecution and slaughter of Christian believers. Follow us in this dramatization of the life of the Apostle Paul. Paul, who began as Saul, but whose name and heart changed when Jesus met him along the way.


Paul is the author of 5 books of the New Testament, and the first Apostle to the Gentiles. His story is told extensively in the book of Acts, and continued in his letters to the churches.


Saul/ Paul

Marco Van Enter

High Priest Annas/ King Agrippa

Rieghardt Van Enter

Stephen/ Cpt. R-Chester

Michael Rae


Matthew Ardiel

Temple Guard/ Citizen

Jesse Barrios

Prisoner #2

Ricardo Gonzales

Lydia/ Courtier

Celina Kuemper

Susanna/ Courtier

Katie Clement

Temple Guard/ Ali

Joel Kuemper


Derek Peris

Sadducee/ Festus

Tom Frey

Caiaphas/ Citizen

Ken Ardiel

Rabbi Azariah

Mark Aho

Centurion Julius

Jess Barrios

Temple Guard/ Roman Soldier

Micah Degouveia

Sadducee/ Roman Soldier

Stephen Kuemper

Queen Bernice

Tawnya Carlisle

Voice of Jesus

Tom Rae


Florence Dooley,

Malwina Harp,

David Dehkurdi

Prisoner #1

Pita Raikadroka