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Uganda: Despite Challenges, Church Construction Pushes on

Uganda: Despite Challenges, Church Construction Pushes on


The new Message believing church in Kimaga village is determined to overcome obstacles and erect their simple building.  We are happy to report that at this time 18 columns standing 12 ft high have been raised on a concrete foundation, to hold the roof.  Once the roof is installed, the building will be usable. Walls will be addressed later, the building is needed immediately.

With a combination of volunteer and hired skilled and semi-skilled labor, the foundation was completed.  The area around Kimaga village is very dry with the nearest water source 4km away.  Water had to be hauled in from a reservoir for concrete and to assist in backfilling and compacting, since dry soil will not compact properly.  Both water and a compacting machine were needed at the same time to do the work.

Arrangements were made to rent a compacting machine, but then the company failed to provide it.  Another compactor had to be rented and transported from Kampala, 135 km away. Challenges piled up when the pastor’s motorcycle, which was being to used to haul the water, broke down.  Then the rented compactor did not work, and had to be returned, and another transported in from Kampala.  The motorcycle could not be immediately repaired and another had to be rented.  Then the owner of the reservoir denied the group access to water, and they had to travel to a more distant reservoir for water.  In the night, thieves stole expensive steel rods needed for construction.  Timber purchased for scaffolding and formwork was flimsy and dangerous.

Because of these challenges, construction is now a week behind and over budget, but the construction that has been completed is solid.  As the ancient Israelites in Nehemiah’s day rebuilt their city wall with “a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other,” (Neh. 4:17) these believers push ahead, confident they are in the will of God.  In cases like this, obstacles only serve to prove it so.

Please continue to support the Believers in Uganda as they face and overcome every challenge. With your help, we are supporting the completion of this first phase of construction.

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