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Amazing Grace! – Revival Stirs Uganda


As seen in pictures that almost seem imaginary, hundreds of spiritually hungry believers in Uganda lined up for Baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Clearly this is a harvest that has been heavy on the vine for some time.  The revival can be traced back to late December, and the passage of a few American Brothers through the area on their way to a convention.  While passing through, they were able to share and witness with some Ugandan pastors, then continued on their way.  The seed hit fertile soil.

Soon Brother Fred Kiyingi, who is the voice of the Message radio program in Uganda began receiving requests for more information.  Meetings were arranged, and Brother Kiyingi and his team traveled to central Uganda to meet the request.  When the Scriptures were explained, 15 pastors believed and were baptized.  These pastors returned to their congregations with fresh with new light, and 117 more were baptized. This caught the attention of the denominations and the resistance began.  In spite of this, more than 500 were baptized in the next two weeks. At this point the secular news media picked up the story, and published it in print and broadcast it on TV and Radio.

The converted pastors are now opening doors for the Brothers to bring the Word into even more churches.

The denominational leaders and Bishops are resisting, but some leaders are sincerely examining the truth of scriptural baptism. New buildings have been rented to accommodate new believers who are no longer welcome in their former churches, but the revival is still growing, and more continue to come forward for baptism. As of two weeks ago, the number of new believers baptized is 990, and the harvest continues.  The Brothers are now working through the scriptures with the pastors with additional instruction in the Word, so they can lead their congregations.

Demand for Message books and recordings has spiked.  The Radio Program is funded for a full year, and the revision of the translation of the Church Age Book is almost complete and will soon be posted on the Message Hub website, but there is an immediate need for places to worship.

Resistance to the point of vandalism against the new believers has taken place, as true revivals always spark negative reactions.  This is an unprecedented opportunity for believers everywhere to get behind a sovereign work of God, with their prayers and support.

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