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Ethiopia Testimony: Brother Girmay

Brother Girmay is a recent convert in Ethiopia. He had been an adherant of the Pentecostal church, where he had met Sister Yodit. When he encountered a few Message doctrines, they touched his heart deeply, and he wanted to share them with Yodit. He was amazed to find that Sister Yodit had already found the [...]

Pastor Yage Lui: Miracles Abound in China

On July 26 Bro Yage Liu from China shared many amazing testimonies of the power of this Message at a service at Cloverdale Bibleway. Since leaving his denomination and accepting the Message, Brother Liu has witnessed the transforming power of the Word in his own life, his daughter’s life, and in his congregation. He recounted [...]

Message Hub Update

Messages are currently available in 72 languages on the Message Hub online version.  The Message Hub Mobile App now is available in 21 languages, and work has begun to create an iphone version of the app.  The Message Hub Mobile app is unique in that it cross-references Messages with relevant Scriptures, and vice versa. Other [...]

Uganda Radio Broadcast Update

Pictured above is Brother Fred Kayingi, the voice of Brother Branham in the Lugandan language, with Brother Tim Dodd at the recording studio. The radio broadcast in Uganda is causing home meetings to spring up, as people hear the Message preached, and leave their denominational churches.  The radio broadcast is able to reach even beyond [...]