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Introducing Project Uganda

Thousands of lambs have been birthed and are crying out for food for their souls. With your help Bible Believers is rising to the challenge of supplying this extraordinary awakening that has begun.

China: Mother’s Sacrificial offering leads to her own son’s Salvation

In his recent trip to China, Brother Murphy witnessed some outstanding accounts of God's faithfulness.  In this video, Brother Murphy tells how a mother in desperate poverty gave an offering to God's work.  The offering was returned to her along with an extraordinary blessing: her own son's Salvation!

The Message Hub now serves Ghana and Fiji

We are pleased to announce that two new languages have launched on the Message Hub.  Twi is a language spoken by up to 9 million people in Central and Southern Ghana.  Fijian is spoken by up to 450,000 natives on the Islands of Fiji, and individuals around the world.  We pray that God’s precious elect […]

Complete! New Church Building in Kimaga, Uganda

On October 27th of 2017 Bible Believers reported of a mighty stir in Uganda, in which 60 people were baptized in one weekend. (See Post) From this initial sowing, a crop of saints has continued to grow.  Removed from their previous churches, the new Believers desperately needed a place to meet.  With help from Bible […]

Ethiopia: Miraculous Healing Causes Entire Village to hear the Word of the Hour

Deep in a remote area of Ethiopia reachable only by foot or horseback, the End-time Word is charging forward, sparked by a mighty healing. The miraculous recovery of Brother Tefera from near death caused shock waves to ripple back to his home town.  (see details in previous post)  What power was this that could work […]